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Nerf Dart Shooter

We've been working on this for some time. Danny built the original 'Pan & Tilt' using lego technic, following a design found on YouTube. We had to substantially modify it, adding lots of additional gearing for 'fine control'. We had intended to use GPIO signals from the Pi to control the motors in the Pan & Tilt mechanism, only using the Lego IR remotes to experiment with. But for simplicity we decided to retain the IR remote for controlling the motors. Unlike others, who have built their nerf shooter by cannibalising the mechanism from an 'electric' nerf gun, we decided to go with a compressed air approach using CO2 from a mini gas cylinder to shoot out the dart from a Nerf Jolt. We had initially tried to make this work with a Nerf Triad, allowing 3 shots to be fired without needing to re-load. Unfortunately, we found the shots to be inconsistent with all 3 darts sometimes being fired at once! The gas valve controlling the air burst is tur

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