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3D Printing

We were supposed to be working on the machine vision code, but got distracted with 3D printing! Our 3D printer (Flash Forge Creator Pro) has been printing day and night, much to the annoyance of mum! Setting up our ‘Arena’ has been the big spur for all the activity.   The Arena is multi-purpose, designed as a test ground for Dan-ED.   It comprises a square sheet of plywood painted black with 4x boards making up the walls.   Previously, we used whatever we could find to prop the walls up.   Needless to say the walls kept falling down! Danny has been learning to use ‘Blender’ to design all kinds of items.   You can see him working on a 3D model of Dan-ED! He suddenly came up with the idea to make a ‘bracket’ that would hold the walls in place.   This is one of his early designs. Not wanting to be ‘outdone’ by a 10 year old Jerry embarked on his own designs for a bracket.   It seems trivial but designing a 3D printable bracket that is strong enough is actually quite hard.   Jerry used S

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